WTF, Australia: Give Me Pumpkin Spice


When I decided to move to Australia, I already knew Halloween wouldn’t really be a thing. Sad, but I’ve been half-assing costumes for years, and I don’t think this year would have been much better.

What I didn’t think I’d miss so much and experience some intense FOMO about is FALL (or autumn, whatevs). While it’s heating up here in Oz, my friends on Facebook, and the lovely people I stalk on YouTube, Twitter, Insta, etc. are wearing cozy knits and booties. My favorite.
images-2But what I’m really missing right now is some muhfukin’ pumpkin spice. Lattes, Oreos, candles, anything at all. I even went to one of the few Starbuck’s here to beg for a PSL. The barista understood my plight, and said that I was pretty much screwed, but there is a toffee flavor coming soon.

Toffee won’t cut it, son.

I think the Aussies aren’t into pumpkin spice vibes because they eat actual pumpkin pretty often, which is fair. Kind of like eating bananas a lot and then hating banana flavored stuff.images-1

But still, you guys.

My only comfort is the fact that in a month or two, I’ll be so FUCKING bronzed and frolicking on a pretty beach and y’all will be in miserable hibernation, hopefully complaining about how cold it is so I can read about it while I tan.