Review: Witchery Nail Polishes

Shades from left to right: Flamingo Pink, Baby Blue, Fairy Floss

Shades from left to right: Flamingo Pink, Baby Blue, Fairy Floss


I mostly bought these because Witchery was having a buy two get one free sale and I’m too poor to buy their clothes. I had zero expectations, so I was extra pleasantly surprised at how quality these polishes are!

First of all, they have a really interesting color selection. I was torn between quite a few colors before I went with these, as they had so many unique shades! Flamingo Pink is a shocking hot pink, Baby Blue is a light, cool toned, blue that could almost pass for white, and Fairy Floss (cotton candy for any Americans) is a classic light, baby pink, perfect for every day wear.

Secondly, the pigmentation! Is! Amazing! One coat yielded an opaque, non-streaky color, so I was done painting my nails in half the time it normally takes. Baby Blue surprised me how pigmented it was. You may want to go two coats with Fairy Floss, however. Though it’s pretty opaque for a light pink shade, you can kind of see the whites of your nail creepin’ out from underneath.

Finally, these polishes stayed on relatively well with just a base and top coat. Baby Blue, which is on my fingers, lasted nearly a week, and it powered through a few hours at the beach AND a few shifts at my retail job where I am constantly cracking open those irritating clippy hangers. Flamingo Pink, on the toes, is staying true to toes polish form and not going a damn place, thank you very much.

Considering these polishes are only $15, while Essie runs for nearly $17 at Priceline, and OPI is a horrendous $19.95 at David Jones, I’d say these polishes are worth picking up! Their pigmentation and lasting power is actually better than the Essie shades I own, anyway.


P.S. The Witchery website is kinda sketchy in that it doesn’t have the shade names for anything, so I’m just going to put a link to their beauty section here. 🙂