Review: Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara


Revlon’s making some lofty claims with their Ultimate All-In-One mascara, saying it’s EVERYTHING YOU NEED frantically on the advertisements. I was skeptical when I picked this up, but I was also talking on the phone, so my suspicions and the cries of my wallet were only half heard.

Revlon claims that the innovative new brush (it’s tiny and hollow) is pretty much life-changing and that the product will give your lashes length, definition, volume, life, and intense color. They also give the tip that you should place the want at the base of the lashes and drag upwards to properly distribute the product, which I already did anyway, but it might be helpful.

Let’s start with the cons first:

The damn PRICE. WHY. Honestly, I don’t understand why I’d pay $20 for a drugstore mascara, when the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is only $33 at Mecca Cosmetica…Australia get your shit together please.

It flakes a little, tiny bit. Just some black specks that can easily be swiped off, but you gotta keep an eye on ’em.

And now for the pros:

It’s BUILDABLE AF. I can do one coat for some chill, everyday definition, two for sexy oomph, and three to make Chinese people want to take a picture with me because my eyelashes look so good (which actually happened).

It adds volume, length, definition, color, AND holds a curl. My lashes look just as good after work as they did before.

The tiny-ass wand is actually amazing. It allows you to reach the inner corners, focus the product on the outer lashes for a flicked out look, and it coat my little lower lashes without loading them with clumps. It also has a hollow core, to better distribute product, and I think it actually helps a lot with application, as you’re not constantly going back for more, or scraping the wand off to get rid of excess.

Despite the price, I think this mascara and I will get along swimmingly.

Do you have a HG mascara that’s not ridiculously priced? I’d love to hear about it!