Review: Models Prefer

The red is for rage at how much I'm going to spend on make up now.

The red is for rage at how much I’m going to spend on make up now.

When I first got to Australia, I was shocked and appalled at how freaking expensive the make up is here. Not just fancy, high end brands, but brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Covergirl. It’s insane. My favorite foundation costs me about ten bucks in America, here it’s $30. There are some brands at the chemist (aussie for drugstore) that aren’t as pricey, so I’ve decided to start giving them a go. Models Prefer seemed like a good start, so I bought the eyeshadow palette and high impact lip color, and then I got a free gift with purchase, which is everything else.

MPshadowsReview: Models Prefer Rose Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I was hoping that this could be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, which runs for $81.00 here in Australia (I know, WTF). With its warm pink tones, the much cheaper palette looks like it could stand up to the third installment of UD’s famous Naked eyeshadow line.

Even when swatched the matte lighter tones especially look really pigmented, which is rare for a light matte eyeshadow, so I had high hopes for the shimmery colors, the gorgeous rose gold and deep purple. I found that the best way to work these was to pat with your finger. If these are used with a brush, they just turn into, like, five large sparkle particles that stick to your eye. Even when patting, the color was sheer and left a lot to be desired.

Undeterred by my mediocre swatches, I went for a rose-gold smokey eye that was also wearable for daytime, as it was only ten o’clock in the morning (I was feeling ambitious). I used at least seven colors is my look, and when I stepped back to check out my work, I was so disappointed. It looked like I had used one color on the lid, in the crease, and maybe a slightly darker color smudged around the lash line for a weak ass liner.

That was my main problem with this palette. All the colors blended together so easily and I fucking love to blend. To make the most of this palette, I’ve been using the lighter colors as lid shades when I just want to brighten my eyes. I know I should use it with primer, but I don’t have eye primer because fuck eyeshadows that need primer.

Review: Models Prefer Professional Mineral PowderMPpowder

I’m not too picky about powders, all I ask is that they don’t make my face look worse than it did before. I dusted a small amount of this over my t-zone and learned that my skin is not as smooth as I thought. It brought out dry patches I didn’t know I had. NOPE.




Review: Models Prefer High Impact Lip Color

I chose tainted, which is a light baby pink, much lighter than the tube would have you think. It was not the best color on me, as my boyfriend’s startled look let me know. I tried not the let that weigh on my feelings for it, but I was slightly grossed out every time I checked it in the mirror.

ANYWAY, I let it set for half an hour before drinking tea (that was as long as I could wait). The excess color got allllllllll over my mug, but my lips were still pink after my morning tea. The color wore off pretty well throughout the day, there was no freaky ring around the mouth situation, but the color did bleed, so I noted to wear lipliner the next time. The product didn’t dry down to a matte finish, it was more of a semi matte, and it transferred basically the whole time I was wearing it.

Ok, so it stays on for a while, but it transfers fucking everywhere, it has good pigmentation, but I hated the color on me. There were some good things to this product and some bad, but the thing that pushed it over the edge to a big resounding NO is the SMELL. Not only did it smell like if someone tried to make a super realistic fake fruit bowl to trick people and they scented the plastic fruit and it melted and the plastic-y scent was mingling with the fruit scent in a slutty way, that fucking scent lasted the entire time I was wearing it! I honestly don’t think I would buy this product in a different color just because of the smell.

Review: Models Prefer Lipstick in Fresh Faced (the deeper shade) and Nude (the pinky tone)

MPlippTo be honest, I’m not a huge lipstick person, mostly because I hate reapplying and the feeling on your lips. If I’m going to be spending a lot of money on a lipstick, it’s going to be on MAC because I already know that those are my favorite.

That being said, I don’t this these lipsticks were bad! I liked both of the colors. Fresh Faced is an almost perfect my-lips-but-better shade, so I’m going to bring it to MAC to see if I can find something similar. The formula for the lighter color felt really smooth and hydrating, and the product was more sheer than I expected, but that was OK because it means less of a pain in the ass to keep up. These will be good shades to have on hand for when I’m bored with my typical MAC Angel.