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Quick Tip: Add Dimension With Too Dark Lipliner

Have you ever bought a lipliner that’s just too…brown? Yeah, yeah, Kylie Jenner and her fucking brown-lined lips, I know. I tried to have brown lips once, and I hated it. And then I was stuck with a super brown lipliner that made me feel like this:


So, the other day I was lamenting how my favorite MAC Angel was too light pink for the lips I wanted that day. My genius brain remember how I had seen lip-contouring tutorials (I use the word contouring loosely, as it is so often now-a-days). I didn’t bother with the stripes down the center, but concentrated my liner on the outer corners of the mouth and the outside edges (obvi). I smoothed Angel over the top and -gasp- my once flat, too pinky lips were the perfect nude shade, my lips looked full and sexual, but not like, hectic sexual, AND I found a use for my gross browny lipliner.