Local’s Quick Tip: Evandale Lake


Ok, I know I’m not actually a local yet, but I hang out with locals and that’s close enough. Moving on…

This may be blasphemy, but sometimes I want to be outdoorsy without going to the beach. There’s sand blowing everywhere, freaky birds, tons of weirdo people who are all connected by the love of something that continuously pushes them away, and let me just say, some terrifying creatures lurking about.

In saunters lovely, lovely, Evandale Lake. Located a short walk away from Surfer’s Paradise, it has all the things the beach may have, but more chill. The lake is actually part of the larger Evandale Park, so in addition to beautiful, less-creature-infested water, there are some short walking paths, trees (which means shade), and tables, perfect for a waterside picnic. Another plus side of Evandale is that it’s never as crowded as the beach. No more shoving your way through half-naked, oily people to get to the water!

Next time you’re not feeling so hot about the beach, bring some snacks and see how Evandale strikes your fancy!