Hunt for the Perfect SPF

Bring it on, Le Tan.

Bring it on, Le Tan.

The first day of spring here in Aus was a week ago and since then, I’ve gotten burned twice. Not a good start for my delicate American skin. I’m pretty fuckin’ tan already, which is exciting, but I have to tell myself NO MA’AM. I don’t want old leathery skin in my 30’s.

So, here I am on the hunt for the perfect SPF. To me, the perfect SPF is easy to put on and wont’t make me feel like a slimy slippery mess all day. I don’t want there to be white residue, or a freaky smell, and it would be really cool if it could make my skin feel nicer. I need one for my body, my face, and maybe even my hair because I am high maintenance like that.

I’ll be wandering the aisles of the chemist every chance I get, muttering to myself and reading random ingredients on labels. I am hoping that out of any place to find sunscreen, Gold Coast will have one of the best selections. And I won’t stop until I find the perfect one.

Help me save my skin from leatheriness and cancer! Do you have a holy grail SPF? Let me know in the comments down under.