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Failed Beauty Experiment #1: Dry Shampoo as Chafe Repellent


It’s getting pretty sweaty around here. That combined with an eight hour retail shift meant I was definitely feeling a sting between my thighs and on my ass. Damn you, chafing!

Since I had the same shift the next day, and no time to go get baby powder, I had the brilliant idea to use my Dove dry shampoo as chafe repellant. It smells like baby powder, and feels powder in my hair, so obviously this was a fool proof plan.

I braced myself and sprayed it on like, general chafing areas, y’all know what I’m talking about. I ended up rubbing white dots of the spray into my skin and it felt aight. Good, not great.

Half an hour later any trace of it was gone.

And now y’all know, dry shampoo does not equal anti-chafing spray. Sadly.