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Gross Girl Travel Tip: Granny Panties

il_fullxfull.425717120_ch98Long haul flights are never pleasant (unless you have sleeping pills and/or wine), so we try to remember all the things that will make them slightly more bearable. But even though you may keep a list, there’s always something to forget.

If you recall my nightmareish flight in which I forgot tampons and bled out for basically the whole time, you may also remember that I had gone commando like a huge idiot. I thought that I would be more comfortable that way, because who wants a thong digging up their ass for sixteen hours? BUT, my fellow gross girls, I forgot about the key to ass-comfort.


Do not fear them or look upon them with disgust. Despite what you may think, you will most likely not join the mile high club (ew.), so wear your granny panties with pride and abandon. Revel in how comfy your ass feels, and if you see anyone staring at your epic panty lines, at least it’s not period stains. Just sayin’.